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At the moment, you were at yet another party America had decided to host at his place.
You REALLY needed to pee.
You decided finally to find America and just ask where his restroom was.
“Alright no backing out ____, just roll with this one alright? It'll be fun!”
If there was one thing America could be faulted on, it was his listening skills.
“For those of you who don't know, we're here going to be starting Seven Minutes in Heaven!”
Oh Crap, NOW?
“Question for ____!”
“Yeah, can I leave now?”
“Perhaps ____ would like to go first, no? She seems eager to get this over with.”
Swallowing and setting your jaw, you reached your hand in and prepared for the worst.

You pulled your hand out to find a surprisingly unharmed daffodil. Under different circumstances, you supposed you would have admired how pretty and healthy it was. In your present state; however, you merely cradled it in both hands and hurried into the closet to get this over with.
America's closet was no walk-in closet, however there was still enough space you wouldn't be pressed up against whomever came to join you. Sighing in relief at that revelation, you sat at the far wall, crossed your legs VERY tightly, and chewed your lip while you waited for whoever would come join you.
A certain gentleman staggered into the room only a moment later as though pushed, and the door slammed behind him.

Oh no.

Oh nononononononono....

“Bloody hell America! I was going in on my own, wasn't I? You rude git!” Straightening his tie, emerald eyes now turned to look at you in your agonized state. “I apologize, ____.”

Swallowing thickly, you managed to reply relatively calmly. “No, that's alright~.” You grimaced at how your voice squeaked on the last syllable, and swallowed again.

You were in a closet. For seven minutes, in a closet with the English gentleman who you had come to absolutely adore. Suddenly your bladder seemed twice as full, and the seven minute wait an impossible length of time. You had the opportunity to be tutored by the Brit on a monthly basis in the subject of (of course) the English language, and that was a monthly appointment you were positively thrilled to keep. Even with the ridiculous workload it sometimes assigned you with, you still managed to find time to complete and double check every essay with no complaint, if only to hear England praise your progress or laugh at your wit. You didn't even mind when you made bigger errors, where England would sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose, making you feel like a silly fool before he explained where you went wrong. Even the lessons where you left feeling uncertain of your own ability and certain he must think you a complete basket case were still lessons you had been allowed to be taught by the sexiest man alive, in your eyes.

You were certain he would disapprove of this notion.

You couldn't help your feelings for him, however. You couldn't help but find the time to admire the bright green of his eyes, the messy blond hair which you had been dying to pet down, if only to feel how soft it was. You loved how he always took great pride in his appearance, and could tell cleanliness was a high priority to him, even on those rough mornings when most guys would throw in the towel.

You were now being drawn into a concerned, bright green gaze by the aforementioned nation. ‘Are you quite alright? I say, you seem rather pale at the moment, ____.”

You took a deep breath and tried not to die on the inside from embarrassment. “Yes, I’m alright.” You responded calmly.

The gentle smile you received in response almost made you lose it right then and there. You quickly looked away to make sure you could keep fluids from coloring your cheeks - and pants. You heard a sigh from England as he sat down across from you in the small space.

“I’m sorry, love.”

You looked curiously up and saw him staring at the floor. He continued speaking without meeting your eye. “You made it obvious you disliked the game from the start, and I’m sure there is someone else you would’ve wanted to spend time with regardless… “

He cleared his throat, and you saw a slight pink color tinting his cheeks. “W-Well, I mean, that is, America’s a bloody fool for forcing you into something like this, a-and…”

You put a hand over his mouth to stop him from talking, smiling and trying to hide how you squirmed inside at the sudden movement on your part. Your heart fluttered as he returned the smile and you returned to studying your lap.

Your attention was again drawn to the daffodil you had pulled from the mess of items. “Do you want this back…?” You hesitated in asking.

England chuckled slightly at your innocent question. “No love, I don’t need it. Truth be told it isn’t even mine, not really. My brother Dylan – Wales, you remember – anyway, he slipped it in my front pocket on the ride to America’s house. Well, I assume it was him, anyway. I didn’t notice he had done it, and the git has plenty of these at his house, as it’s his national flower. America grabbed it out of my pocket when I first got here, I should’ve seen through him from the start…” He mumbled something you couldn’t decipher, then coughed into his hand. “So please keep it- u-unless you don’t want it?” He finished, looking into your eyes questioningly.

“Ah, no! No, that’s, I mean…” You took another deep, calming breath. “That’s alright. I like it, it’s so beautiful.”

That smile was back. You glanced at the Englishman’s watch; it looked like nearly six minutes were already up. You sighed in relief, catching his attention again.

“Our time’s almost up.” You explained, shrugging. You were surprised to see a hint of sadness in his expression at your words.

“Right, I’m sure you can’t wait to get out of this closet. I’m sorry if I made you at all uncomfortable love, it was not my intent.”

Uh oh, you didn’t want him thinking he was the source of your discomfort. Thinking fast, you blurted, “N-N-No! It’s not…” Blushing at your outburst, you quieted and tried again, avoiding eye contact. “I’m not uncomfortable around you… I’m, glad I got you.”

Hearing that tell-tale, obnoxiously loud laughter growing louder and nearer to the door, you decided to get up off the floor, and England followed suit. Chancing a glance at him, you saw a sweet, caring grin on his face, and noticed a glint in his eyes that you had never seen before. Just before the door opened, you found your cheek cupped softly by a hand and your lips captured in a quick, gentle kiss.

“AW~!” called an American voice from the entrance to the closet. You heard cat calls from Prussia and that perverse French laughter, and shifted a little to hide behind the now yelling Britain. Once clear of the closet, you mumbled a quick “Excuse me” and shuffled quickly from the room, your hurried walk becoming a sprint as soon as you were free from the room. You heard angelic hallelujahs in your mind as you saw, finally, an open restroom to your left.

You had finished your business and were washing your hands when you heard a gentle knock on the door. “Love? Is that you in there ____?”

Grinning, you quickly dried your hands on a hand towel before composing your expression to something more composed and pulling the door open.

England jumped slightly at the sudden movement, and looked away uncomfortably before speaking again. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you earlier, I-I…”

Giggling slightly, you pecked his cheek sweetly and replied. “No worries, I think we safely avoided crisis.”

Smiling in return, he took your hand gently and led you away from the party, leading you home and bidding you goodnight like any proper gentleman should.
Intro: [link]

Finally! I really can't break from here for so long again, I totally forgot how to upload stories. :iconfacepalmplz:

Here's my first finished chapter! Please leave reviews, I want to hear what I did well and how I can improve!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himuraya (sp?)
You now belong to :iconsexyenglandplz:
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