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You had only been able to make it to one of America’s parties once before.
You were in search of the restroom.
There were times when you knew the vast size of America's house was a clear advantage, but at the moment you knew it could spell the end of your dignity.
“Hey Dudette! I've been looking for you.” With your current concerns you neglected to notice the mischief you otherwise would have in his expression.
“We're here going to be starting Seven Minutes in Heaven!”
You seriously could not think of a worse time and place.
You needed to pee, not make out with someone.

Closing your fist around something small and papery, you brought your hand out to find a crushed Dixie cup in your hand.
Hurrying into the closet, you sank to the floor and brought your knees to your chest, determined to hold that position for the full seven minutes. You might have managed it too, if you hadn’t noticed a pair of sparkling forest green eyes on the smiling, almost glowing face in the dark room beside you.
You jumped slightly. When had he gotten in here?
“You seem tense, chica. Is something wrong?”
Of course it would be the Spaniard. He had always been so kind to you, and he was surprisingly good at reading your shifts in attitude, even when you tried your hardest to hide how you were really feeling.
“Chica? ___? Hey, are you stuck?” He had begun waving his hand in front of your face, and you sighed. You would have to respond to him eventually unless you wanted to have him try to pick you up. You knew this from experience. Hugging your knees tighter to your chest, you only said, “No, I’m fine, really.”
“Oh…” He only stared at you for some time, then said somewhat hesitantly; “Are… you on your period?”
“NO!” You burst out before you could think about it, going red in the face. You buried your face between your knees in embarrassment. Thinking about it, you supposed it wasn’t too far from the truth. But even the truth seemed a better alternative than having him think something like that.
“I just… I think I need to pee.” You mumbled, face burning.
“Aha, you don’t need to be embarrassed about something like that around me ___.” Spain was back to his happy self, watching you cheerfully as you prayed to be swallowed up by the carpet. “I’m just glad you aren’t mad at me or anything.”
“… No.” You finally agreed, so quietly you were sure he wouldn’t hear. He only hummed in response, and you both sat in awkward silence for a time.
Coughing slightly in the tense atmosphere, Spain started talking, “Yeah, I was surprised when we heard America say we would be playing this game, you know. Nobody had any idea, although I think that was America’s plan…” You could tell he was trying to make eye contact with you, but as you were still nearly blowing steam out your ears in humiliation, you kept your head down.
Spain relaxed against the wall behind him, now seeming to talk only to himself. “But it’s true that I was worried when it looked like we would be starting and I didn’t see you. I wondered if you had gone home early… it was a relief to hear you weren’t sick or something. Then America went to find you so we could start,”
“Mmph!” Your involuntary squeak came out muffled as you turned wide eyes to stare at the now confused man sitting beside you. So America wouldn’t have even noticed you were missing if Spain hadn’t asked? It was his fault you were dragged into this?
“Qu pasa, chica?” Spain asked when you didn’t reply immediately.
“O-oh, um…” You looked away, wishing you hadn’t reacted at all. You didn’t want to make him feel bad, and a part of you was flattered to think that he would have taken notice of your absence over all the other girls in the room. But if he hadn’t said anything, maybe you could have found a bathroom before you had been dragged into playing… “I- It’s nothing, really.”
“Are you upset with me, ___?” A sad voice reached your ears.
“N-No! Not at all, it’s… it’s just, uncomfortable, ugh…” You trailed off from your stuttering and moved your hands to cover your face, ashamed to think you were alone with your crush and only succeeding in making him think you didn’t like him.
“I’m glad I got you, I just really need to go.” You finally managed to say through your fingers, not daring to look up.
You jolted slightly as you felt something warm and soft touch your cheek. “It’s good to hear that, mi amor.”
You were glad your face was still hidden by your hands when light re-entered the closet a moment later. “Hey dudes, time’s up.”
You thought you heard Prussia’s voice moan disappointedly, but by the time you looked up, you could not see out of the closet. You found yourself looking directly at Spain, who held his hand out for you to take. As you let him help you to your feet, you heard him say in a hushed voice, “I can show you the restroom, mi hermoso tomate.”
And though you blushed still deeper at the oddly stated compliment, you found could finally return the smile as he led you from the room.
Intro: [link]

Here's my next 7 min chapter. :)

I wanted to get this done before I got too overwhelmed with other things, and I did it! :iconcheerplz:

If you want to know, I've been busy with my new story and have the first prologue done, but I want to hold off on submitting it until I can get the second prologue started. :icontiredplz:

Thanks for reading! I'll try get things done soon, and I mean that for all my stories. :iconoverwhelmedplz:
MadHattress77 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, I really like this, but please allow me...  
1_“Que eres problemo, chica?”(I imagine you wanted to write something like "What's wrong?" or "What's the problem?" in which the right translation would be "¿Cuál es el problema?", even so, the usually used phrase is simply "¿Qué pasa?")
2_ "...mi hermosa tomate.”(Here the only problem is that you wrote "hermosa" instead of "hermoso", you see despite the fact that he's referring to a girl, "beautiful" is the adjective of "tomato" which is masculine)...
That said, I hope you don't get flustered over my corrections, I'm not in any way trying to annoy you, I reallyREALLY love your writing!:iconluvluvplz: Keep up the good work!:icondarlingplz:
pokemonpirate7 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
:) Not at all, thank you for correcting me. I never really took Spanish seriously in school, though now I regret it... Anyhow, I'm trying to take my language-learning seriously now, so I appreciate the help. :iconthumbsupplz:
MadHattress77 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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