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I do not own Hetalia, Ao Oni, HetaOni, or any of the characters except Evangeline Smith/Atlantis. Please read the description for a list of who owns which OC featured in the chapter.
Thank You.
Guardian Angels: A HetaOni Fanfic
Prologue Two; Part One
“Are you feeling okay? You don’t look very excited.”
“Sorry. It’s really just that there’s never enough time to do everything at these conventions.”
“That’s true, I suppose.” Suni Cawey had accompanied her friend to Nan Desu Kan – an anime convention that ran yearly in Colorado – on a whim. She hadn’t had plans to attend this year, as she was never the most comfortable in huge group events; but she did enjoy browsing the art and watching the interesting cosplayers enough that she didn’t consider it something to avoid altogether. She herself was not cosplaying; opting instead to come in her favorite pair of comfortable dark jeans and grey zip-up hoodie over a simple black tshirt. Her socks were obviously mismatched – one red and the other grey – and mostly hidden under the black nike tennis shoes she wore. She didn’t have any flashy jewelry, but her favorite key and lock necklace hung around her neck. Her brown curls hung loose around her shoulders without tangles. She had also thought to bring her sketchbook along in case she found some inspiration in the masses of people for her artwork, and had it tucked under one arm.
“I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to be here! I’m glad I don’t have to wait anymore!” Oceanne Zero – or Zero, as she preferred to be called – had been looking forward to the convention for a few months now. She had even prepared a costume for the event, a cosplay of Neji Hyuuga from Naruto. She had chosen to go with her natural looks as much as possible when she had been debating who to dress up as, and as a result her costume was both accurate and simple. Her long, black hair was pulled back and collected into a ponytail that hung to the middle of her back, two loose strands coming forward to frame her face nicely. Her bangs were well hidden behind her headband, and the rest of her outfit was carefully selected and altered, so that people could easily distinguish her as the ninja she was dressed to be. The only thing she hadn’t invested in were contacts, thinking it wasn’t overly important to have her dark eyes hidden and whited for the sake of a costume.
Suni and Zero had known each other for a while now, having met through an accident at a favorite coffee shop nearly a year ago. Some would consider their friendship an odd one, given Zero’s tomboyish tendencies and Suni’s quiet nature, but having a shared appreciation for many of the same animes had helped the two form a bond of friendship rather quickly.
The girls purchased their tickets and quickly left the line so as not to be swarmed. Many people were gathered at the doors to the event, all excited and many talking loudly with their friends. They quickly found a somewhat less crowded hall and had paused to check the schedules they had been provided.
As Zero had mentioned, there were far too many interesting events taking place at the same time for them to easily decide what they wanted to do first. Not to mention trying to squeeze in visits to the dealers’ room, the autograph floor, or the art gallery…
Suni thought she might like to attend the seminar on creative writing and fanfiction; but since Zero was the one who wanted to come in the first place, and the seminar was scheduled for Saturday anyway, she kept it to herself. She glanced at Zero, who was still looking over her own copy of the events and biting her lip in thought.
Finally, Zero spoke. “I don’t think there’s anything that I’d miss too much until later on anyway, so maybe we should go check out one of the unscheduled rooms? The game floor, or the art gallery maybe?” Watching carefully as she listed ideas, she noticed Suni’s eyes light up slightly at the mention of the gallery, and made a mental note of it. She knew Suni well enough by now to know to look for these little hints when she wanted to know what she really thought about something. Sometimes she thought Suni was too easygoing for her own good; not that that was a bad thing.
“Okay. What do you want to do?” Suni kept her voice casual, even though she knew she would much rather look for inspiration among the works of other artists than be dragged into playing something like DDR in front of loud strangers. If Zero wanted to play games or buy merchandise before anything else, she would support her as her friend.
To her relief, Zero suggested they go to the art gallery first. “I mean, it sounds like fun, right?”
“Yeah.” Suni responded simply, walking with Zero to find the gallery. They paused once to admire the incredible amount of work one person had put into her costume of Seamus from the Metroid games, along with the small crowd she had gathered, before moving on and finally reaching the art gallery.
Inside the room were rows upon rows of sculptures, tables of hand-made jewelry, paintings by genius artists of various famous characters from video games and manga. Suni paused in front of a particularly well-drawn painting that crossed Prussia and a young Germany from Hetalia with Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon, highly amused. Zero failed to notice her friend pause as she continued towards the back of the room.
She was surprised to find some computers along the far wall, it didn’t seem like the right place for laptops. All the art displayed in this room was always hand-drawn, to her knowledge. As she got closer; however, she was able to spot a sign hung above the tables that read ‘fan-made video games.’ She guessed that made more sense, although it still seemed like an odd place for them. Turning to talk with Suni about this, Zero finally realized that she had left her friend behind without realizing it and turned back to find her.
When she finally did, she also stopped to laugh at the ridiculous pose America and Canada were striking in outfits that made her think of sailor scouts, although she couldn’t say off the top of her head which scouts they were dressed as. It seemed Suni had stopped to examine a series of this type of painting, all clearly made by the same artist. When Suni realized her friend had returned, she turned to laugh with her and pointed out some of her favorites in the series.
When they had started to calm down a little, Suni asked, “So, did you find anything interesting?”
“Well yeah, kind of.” Zero replied, looking towards the back of the room again where the computers were. “It’s kind of weird, but it looks like there are fan games you can try back there.
“That is kind of odd.” Agreed Suni, walking with Zero back to where she had indicated the computers to be. Sure enough, there were the laptops, open to various games made through different programs. Some of the computers were occupied with players, but one game in particular made both girls pause in curiosity.
“HetaOni? Like Ao Oni and Hetalia?” Suni frowned at the title screen. “I wonder if it’s any good.”
“You haven’t heard about it before?” Zero looked at her friend, surprised.
“Well I guess I’ve heard about it online, but I’ve never really looked into it.” Suni admitted quietly, not comfortable with the direct attention she was getting from her friend, “Have you?”
“Yeah… well, I’ve played part of it.” Zero remembered the sad storyline of the game all too well, and wondered if the version in the room was any more complete. She had gone through a phase after trying the game where she couldn’t help but stress over the characters and wonder if they would have gotten out safely.
“Hey,” She said suddenly, gesturing to the computer, “You should try it, Suni!”
“Um…” Suni didn’t like the idea of playing a horror game with her friend looking over her shoulder, as curious as she might be about it.
“Go on, we have time before the big stuff, right?” Zero encouraged, and Suni gave in. She only hoped it wouldn’t turn out to be too scary.


“Tch!” Suni frowned at the screen, annoyed.
“To be continued? It was just getting good, and they leave off on a cliffhanger like that.” Zero had her arms crossed over her chest to help contain her emotions. She had gotten admittedly more and more involved in the game as Suni had played on, but she refused to let her feelings show, especially considering it was only a game getting her so worked up.
“Yeah.” Suni agreed simply. She had gotten into the game and had played through the entire thing, only to be jolted back to reality as she reached the end of it. Now aware of the small crowd of Hetalia fans that had crowded around to watch her play and were probably waiting for their own turn, she grew self-conscious and stood to leave with Zero trailing beside her.
“Wow, it’s getting kind of late, I guess.” Zero’s tone was apologetic, but neither of the girls really minded spending so much time in front of the game. “We should get something to eat, probably.”
“They have some things set up in the main hall we can buy.” Suni mentioned, “I also saw a McDonalds not far from here, if you want something less expensive.”
Zero thought about it, but knew she would rather save her money for later. “Let’s go to the McDonalds, if it’s not too far.”
“It’s not far.” Suni assured her, leading her out the doors and down the street. As they left, they failed to notice violet eyes watching them with interest.
They talked as they ate, and the conversation quickly drifted back to the game still fresh on their minds. “So what do you think was happening to Italy?”
“To make Japan freak out like that, you mean?” Zero shrugged when Suni nodded, chewing while she thought it over. “I don’t really know. It seems like it was going to be a big clue, though.”
“A clue?” Suni paused to ask before taking a sip of her drink.
“Yeah, like, to what was really happening with Italy… how he was apparently dead, but also entering the mansion with Holy Rome. Something like that.” Zero clarified, and both girls got quiet thinking about it.
“Excuse me, were you the one playing HetaOni earlier in the art gallery?”
The girls turned around at the voice to see a woman around their age sitting in the booth across from their table and watching them curiously. Suni nodded uncomfortably and Zero looked away shyly, they hadn’t realized anybody was listening to them.
“I’m sorry to interrupt, it’s just I’m also a fan of HetaOn… well, of Hetalia.” The stranger brushed some of her amazingly long hair over her shoulder and smiled kindly at them. “My name’s Evangeline.”
There was a moment of awkward silence while she waited for one of them to respond. Finally, Zero cleared her throat.
“Yeah.” She said, glancing over at Suni before looking directly at Evangeline. “Call me Zero, and this is my friend Suni.”
“Hi.” Suni said quietly.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Evangeline’s smile grew, and she continued. “So what do you think of HetaOni, if you don’t mind my asking?”
“It’s sad.” Suni said simply, and Zero nodded in agreement.
“Yeah,” Zero got a little more confident and added, “It’s annoying how it hasn’t ended, also.”
“I agree.” Evangeline responded, then raising an eyebrow at Zero, she asked, “How would you end it?”
“Sorry?” Zero asked.
“Well, let’s say you were the one writing the ending for the game? How would you end it?” Evangeline clarified, seeming to choose her words carefully.
“Well…” Zero thought about it carefully. “I don’t know. I would want all the countries to get out safe; though. I mean, it could have a really powerful happy ending, if they decided to make a happy end, right?”
Suni nodded almost imperceptibly, and Evangeline smiled. “Yes, I think it could.” She paused, eating a fry from her own tray of food, before asking. “So how long have you guys known Hetalia?”
The conversation went on like this for a while. Zero noticed that Evangeline seemed to be more interested in Hetalia specifically than in anime in general, and was grateful at least that she didn’t seem to be a hormone-driven fangirl, at the very least.
Suni eventually also joined in the conversation. She was still quiet, but seemed to be a little less awkward talking to Evangeline the more Evangeline opened up to the two girls.
Having finished their lunches, Evangeline stood and accompanied them out of the restaurant, asking them how long they were planning on staying.
“We’ll be here all weekend, but we probably won’t stay too late tonight.” Zero replied.
“How long will you be here?” Suni’s question was directed to Evangeline, who stopped walking, causing the other girls stop as well and turn to talk with her better.
“I’m coming every day too, but I’m afraid I’m going to need to be going home for today.” Evangeline confessed, nodding towards one of the many parking spaces nearby.
“Oh… Will we see you tomorrow, then?” Zero asked casually.
Evangeline seemed to think it over for a moment. “Maybe. If I see you I’ll be sure to say hi, at least.” She tucked her hands into the pockets of her jeans. “Oh! Wait.”
Zero and Suni watched as she dug around in her pocket for a moment before withdrawing two wristbands. They seemed to shine, and Suni thought they were very beautiful to look at.
“Here!” Evangeline handed one of them to each of her new friends, grinning. “A gift from me to you. I’ll see you around, okay?” And with that, she turned and left, waving behind her.
Waving back, the girls turned away and examined the bands. “They’re kind of like friendship bracelets, yeah?” Zero looked at her own black wristband and smiled slightly at the sight. It glittered a little like stars in the night sky when she turned it.
“I think that’s right.” Suni was examining her own red wristband, curious about what was making it seem to glow.
The girls fell into comfortable silence, walking towards the convention again as they thought about the new friend they had made.
“Well, that was nice of her.” Zero said, causing Suni to look over at her in curiosity. “I mean, it seems like we barely know her.” She slipped on the band, smiling to herself.
“Yes, it was nice.” Suni agreed, shifting her notebook under her arm so she could slide her own wristband on her wrist.
They both paused curiously as the wristbands began to glow, interested in the development. Even as they watched, the bands seemed to glow brighter and brighter still, until the light seemed to be the only thing they could see. Squinting their eyes closed against the brightness, neither of the girls noticed that they both were vanishing along with the light, until no trace of either of the girls could be seen on the now empty crosswalk.
From a distance, Evangeline watched them go with a somber expression, before turning her eyes sadly to her remaining wristbands. “I’m sorry. I wish I could go instead. Please help them.”

Well, here it is. The first part of the second prologue, introducing the first two guardians. I'm really nervous about how it will be received, but I hope you guys like it. :iconscaredplz:
So Oceanne Zero is :iconz3phyr0s:'s OC submission, and Suni Cawey is the OC of :icontwisinjymsi:. Please let me know if there's anything you want me to change with how your characters are represented. :iconsweatplz:
I hope everyone likes it so far. I'm holding the next parts of this prologue as high priority to finish writing until every main character has been introduced.
Thank you for all your patience and support. :iconmoesmileplz:
And as always, thanks for reading. :iconyayitalyplz:
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