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I do not own Hetalia, Ao Oni, HetaOni, or any of the characters except Evangeline Smith/Atlantis. Please read the description for a list of who owns which OC featured in the chapter.
Thank You.
Guardian Angels: A HetaOni Fanfic
Prologue Two; Part Two
With the sun beating high in the sky, the entrance to Nan Desu Kan was more crowded than usual with people leaving for and returning from lunch. A silver sedan moved carefully through the parking lot, taking it’s time getting close to said entrance so as not to squash unsuspecting gamers and artists alike. Finally reaching the curb, it stopped and doors opened on both sides of the car, revealing three chatting Hetalia cosplayers.
“…and season five will be coming out soon! I can’t wait, it sounds like it will be awesome!” Grace Rowe was saying, eagerly closing the passenger’s side door with a slam. Her shoulder-length auburn hair peeked out from under her little white cap, and some of it twisted around a barely visible wire that looped into a curl on the right side of her head. She was wearing an adorable green dress that reached just past her knees, with a little white apron over the top; and new looking brown boots that reached halfway up her calves. As she turned to her friends, she squinted her light blue-gray eyes nearly shut in happiness, unknowingly helping her complete her Chibitalia cosplay even more.
“I’m looking forward to seeing what Himuraya’s come up with this time. I hope they give more screen time to Canada…” Grace’s friend, Marinella, added as they all stepped away from the car, Grace waving at the driver as he drove off. Marinella’s outfit was a little more simple than her friend’s, but still impressive. She wore a kimono with pink sleeves that nearly hid her hands completely, and the ends of the purple lower half of the garment were short enough that she wouldn’t walk over it, but long enough to hide the more comfortable sneakers she wore underneath. Her shoulder-length dark brown hair had a pink barrette carefully tucked into the right side that was shaped to look like a pink sakura blossom. Nobody who saw her was likely to mistake her as anybody except Fem!Japan. Her hazel eyes were a glittering greenish brown today, and they were eagerly darting from her friends to the building and back again in excitement.
“I know! He definitely deserves more recognition.” Grace eagerly interrupted.
“I just can’t wait until it’s released. I mean, not like I’m counting down the days or anything, but it feels like it’s taken longer for this season to come out than any of the others.” Came a third voice, and Marinella and Grace both turned to their friend Serenity. She too was cheerfully beaming at them, her light chocolate colored eyes shining brightly in happiness. Her normally dark red hair was currently tucked under a brown wig with a distinct curl curling from the same spot as Grace’s did on her own head. She had an easily recognizable blue uniform with a black dress shirt and bright blue tie peeking out from the coat, and also sported brown boots, although they did not reach as high as her friends’.
There was a pause in the conversation as the friends focused on getting through the doors without getting separated. With some difficulty, they made it through to the main hall. They swiftly moved in line to get their day passes; and regrouped a short ways from the doors some time later, eagerly pouring over the schedules they had picked up.
“Looks like we missed the Making of Hetalia this morning.” Serenity sighed slightly, noticing the time for the presentation had passed nearly an hour ago.
“That’s alright, there are other things to look forward to.” Marinella interrupted, pointing out a few things of interest on her copy of the schedule to her friends.
“Those do look like fun Mari, but we’re going to have to decide if there’s anything happening today that we want to see. Otherwise we might as well move on to one of the rooms that’s open all day.” Grace replied, turning her attention from Marinella’s schedule to her own again. “Nothing’s standing out to me, though.”
“Nothing’s really calling to me either.” Serenity admitted, stepping forward to give a large group of One Piece cosplayers room to pass.
“I’d like to see the art gallery or the dealer’s room more, personally.” Marinella added thoughtfully. “In case there’s something I want to buy early on before it’s sold.”
“Alright, let’s get moving then. They’re both in the same direction from here.” Serenity nodded down the hall, and the friends began walking again, talking and chatting as they weaved through other groups of people.
Eventually, Grace spotted the art gallery and they agreed to go take a look inside after noticing how few people were there in comparison to the halls. Once in the room, they split off to look at all the different works. Marinella headed to a table with homemade jewelry that looked like it was for sale, and Grace and Serenity eventually lost one another as well in the rows of paintings as they moved to admire them.
It was Serenity who first noticed the computers set up in the back of the room. Curious, she moved closer and found little fan-made game samples running on each of the computers. She slowed to see what was playing on each laptop, pausing for a short time to watch a middle-aged man playing a game she soon recognized to be Sonic.Exe. She jumped slightly when she felt a hand tap her shoulder, but relaxed again when she saw it was only Grace.
“This is unexpected.”
“Yeah…” Serenity shrugged, eyes skimming over the computers again. “I didn’t know they did this kind of thing at conventions.”
“Me neither.” Grace agreed, turning to see what games weren’t being played. To her surprise, she found Marinella near the end of the rows of computers, frowning at one of the games. Pointing this out to Serenity, the girls made a beeline for her.
Marinella looked up in time to see Grace and Serenity headed her way, and smiled at them. “I didn’t expect to see games here!”
“That’s what I was just saying!” Grace laughed.
Serenity smiled as well, only for her expression to grow more serious when she saw what Marinella had been looking at, “HetaOni?”
Marinella looked back at the game she had been examining and shrugged, “Yeah. I haven’t played it before, but I’ve heard it’s got a large following.”
Grace leaned closer to see the computer screen as well. In the process, her wire hair curl nearly got caught in the curl on Serenity’s wig, breaking the awkward tension of the atmosphere and causing all three girls to laugh.
Serenity saw something shining in Marinella’s hand, and pointed to it. “Mari, what do you have there?”
Marinella opened her hand, still chuckling slightly. “I found this necklace over with the jewelry, and thought I would get it. I’ve never seen a design like this before, have you?”
The necklace looked professionally made, with jewels molded into the shining, silver metal. It was a simple design, albeit interesting to look at. Small linked chains at the ends of the necklace molded together, working to create larger chain links before connecting with the two red and one black gem at the front.
“I didn’t think you were interested in jewelry, Mari.” Grace commented, admiring the necklace with curiosity.
“I’m not, usually.” Marinella admitted, shrugging. “But I really liked this.”
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.” Grace agreed, turning her attention back to the game. “So you really haven’t played this before?”
Serenity put her hands securely in the pockets of her uniform, hiding how her hands clenched in discomfort as HetaOni was again brought up.
Marinella shook her head, pulling out the chair. “No, I haven’t. Think I should try it?”
“Yeah, it’s worth playing once.” Grace said, pulling up a chair of her own. “I’ll warn you ahead of time though, it’s sad.


Run, RUN!” Grace squealed at Marinella as Steve showed on the screen yet again. She had been unknowingly very vocal as she watched her friend play the game, and as a result a small crowd had grown to watch.
“NO, not there!” Called a young teenager dressed as Konata from Lucky Star. “That’s a dead end!”
“I’ve got this.” Marinella was deeply concentrated on the game, and a small smile came to her face as she succeeded in circling around the monster and heading back down the stairs.
“Why would you go LEFT?” Grace groaned, watching Marinella turn towards another dead end hallway.
“Because…” Marinella was already smiling in victory, despite how people groaned at her choice. “In this game…”
Serenity was watching with an unchanged serious expression on her face, her hands still hidden deep in her pockets.
“The bathroom’s always safe! Ha!” Marinella entered said room and the chase music immediately died, much to everyone’s relief and amazement.
“Wow, how did you figure that out so quickly Mari?” Grace said as the crowd applauded behind them lightly, murmurs of ‘I didn’t know that’ and ‘good tip’ coming from the people collected there. Serenity sighed silently and allowed her shoulders to relax slightly.
“It’s not too hard to get away, really.” Marinella said as she left the bathroom again. “I think I’m stuck on this puzzle though…” She frowned and returned to the room with the fireplace. “I mean, I think I’ve found everything and everyone is here, so what am I missing? I’ve checked all the rooms… this is frustrating.”
Serenity moved forward and coughed slightly. “You need to check all the tables.”
Grace and Marinella looked up in surprise at their friend, who had been silent up until this point. “You’ve played this before, Serenity?” Marinella asked with interest.
“I didn’t think you liked horror games!” Grace added.
“I-I don’t have any problem with horror games.” Serenity said, avoiding eye contact with the two. “Mari, just check the tables. You need to find a matchbox… I think it’s on the second floor.”
“Second floor, hm…” Marinella muttered as she again turned her attention to the game.


“Wait, that’s the end?” Mari said, surprised at the end credit sequence. “I didn’t realize it was an incomplete game!”
“Oops, sorry! I lost track of how long you were playing, Mari! It’s getting late!” Grace said, jumping up.
“Yeah, let’s go somewhere else.” Serenity added, looking back at the on-lookers who were disbanding now that the game was over. One girl was still looking at the screen, and Serenity called to her. “Did you want to play? Sorry we took so long.”
Violet eyes met brown as the girl looked up. “Oh, no thank you. I’m sorry for staring off into space like that!” She extended a hand out to Serenity. “My name is Evangeline.”
“I’m Serenity.” Came the reply as she shook Evangeline’s outstretched hand. Gesturing to each of her friends in turn, Serenity added. “This is Grace and Mari.”
“Hi Evangeline! You have a really cool name. Plus I love your hair.” Grace said, waving at Evangeline.
Evangeline grinned back at the two girls. “Thank you. I see you are also Hetalia fans.”
“That’s right.” Marinella responded. “We love the series! You’re a fan as well?”
“Yes, that’s right.” Evangeline replied. Her eyes skimmed over the three girls again before she continued. “So what did you think of the game?” She gestured at the computer where the main screen for HetaOni had appeared yet again.
“It’s sad.” Serenity said, shrugging and looking away.
“It’s an interesting story, but I’m glad it’s only fan-made. It’s sad to think of all the countries in that situation.” Marinella added.
“I wish they would finish the game!” Grace exclaimed, “They could all get out of the mansion together and have that slumber party, and then… burn the mansion to the ground… or something!”
Marinella and Serenity both laughed at their friend. Evangeline smiled teasingly, “Sounds like somebody really got into it.”
Grace blushed lightly, but giggled all the same. “I guess so.”
Evangeline chuckled, reaching into her pocket and taking out three bracelets. “Here, take these.”
“Did you make these?” Marinella asked, taking and examining the sparkling blue wristband with interest.
“Actually, a good friend of mine made them for me.” Evangeline said, waving her hand in the air. “Speaking of, I should probably go find my friends. I’ll see you around!”
“Bye!” Grace called, waving to Evangeline with the pale green wristband clenched in her hand. “And thank you!”
“We should get going too if we’re going to see anything else.” Serenity said, putting her white wristband into her pocket and leading her friends out into the hall.
The hall had grown even more crowded, and before too long the three girls were struggling not to be separated by the crowds. Afraid of losing her new gift from Evangeline, Grace slid her bracelet over her wrist as she walked behind her friends. Soon after she was squinting her eyes against a bright light coming from somewhere, and wondering briefly who would bother taking out a camera in a crowd like this.
Finally moving to a bigger, less crowded hall, Marinella and Serenity looked around for their friend with concern.
“Looks like we lost Grace,” Marinella said worriedly, standing on tiptoe to see over the heads of the crowd.
“I’ll text her, I have my cell phone with me.” Serenity reached into her pocket for the device.
“Okay then, but can we find a bathroom while you’re talking to her? I need to go.” Marinella asked as they began walking again, and Serenity hummed in agreement, thumbing through her contacts as she followed.
Serenity managed to finish and send the text just as they reached the restroom, and said so as the girls entered.
“That’s good, Grace’s good about checking her texts. As long as she has her phone, we should hear back from her soon.” Marinella said, setting down her bracelet and newly bought necklace, and leaving her friend by the sinks as she found a stall and locked it.
Serenity returned the phone to her pocket, a confused look coming to her face. It vanished as she pulled the bracelet out of her pocket, a smile coming to her face as she put it on.
“Serenity?” Marinella called as a bright light came under the door of the stall. “Are you taking pictures out there?”
There was no response, and once she was finished Marinella was surprised to find herself alone in the restroom. Washing her hands, she shrugged it off, assuming that Serenity had left the room to give her more privacy or something. Picking up her jewelry again, she opened the door to the hall.
She was even more surprised upon leaving the restroom to not see her friend waiting outside the door. Worried she might have been left behind, Marinella looked down the halls for somebody she knew. Eyes brightening, Marinella caught sight of familiar blonde hair and violet eyes. “Evangeline!”
Evangeline turned, surprised, and smiled at the familiar cosplayer headed her way. “Hi Mari, is something wrong?” She added, noticing the concern in Marinella’s eyes.
“Kind of, have you seen Serenity or Grace? We got separated.” Marinella admitted, looking over Evangeline’s shoulder and down another hall.
“No, I haven’t. Would you like some help finding them?” Evangeline asked, tucking her own hands in the pockets of her jeans.
“That would be great, but there’s so many places to look…” Marinella looked uncertain, looking back the way she came again with confusion. “They couldn’t have gotten too far though.”
“Are they wearing the bracelets? It’ll help give me something to look for if they are.” Evangeline said, making Marinella look back at her in confusion. “I’ve seen a lot of Italy cosplayers today, but I haven’t given out bracelets to all of them.” Evangeline explained, a small smile on her face.
“I don’t know… they might be?” Marinella frowned in thought. “I don’t think I saw them with them on though.
“I see. Well, I’ll keep my eyes open, all the same.” Evangeline said, smiling and turning to walk away. “I’ll tell them where I found you last if I see them!” She called back as she left. “It’ll help if you wear the bracelet too!”
“Thanks,“ Marinella looked down at her hands as Evangeline disappeared from sight, examining the bracelet curiously. It wasn’t very large or impressive in appearance, and she had her doubts that wearing it would really help Evangeline find any of them any easier; but it would definitely be easier to wear it than to carry it.
Slipping the wristband over her own wrist, Marinella decided to put the necklace on as well. Closing her eyes, she reached behind her neck and felt around for the clasp, missing the light which enveloped her form and took her from within the walls of the convention as well.

Whew, okay, deep breath Zabe... :iconscareditalyplz:

Here's the next part of the second prologue! :iconyaychibitaliaplz:

Marinella is :iconmanalfairymage:'s character, Serenity was submitted by :iconchao-hero:, and :iconmaid--of--space: is the owner of Grace Rowe. I hope everyone's happy with how these three are portrayed. :iconnervousplz:

As always, thanks for reading! I hope to give you more soon! :icongreatjobplz:
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Thank you. :) I'm glad you enjoyed this so far. I will definitely be continuing this story, I've just been super busy with college classes (ugh...)

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