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July 2, 2013
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Sleeping Beauty
Chapter Two
You woke up, aware of how heavy your limbs felt. Clumsily, you tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes, only to take in a deep, surprised breath as the movement gave you the slight sensation of falling.
Looking around, you noticed only that you didn’t know where you were. The bed you were laying on was much too soft to be yours, although you admitted it was still very comfortable. Looking at the brightly colored pink walls, purple polka-dotted carpet, and elaborately decorated turquoise furniture; you stood up and tried to remember how you would’ve gotten here.
You suddenly became aware of the sound of uncontrolled giggling from outside the door to the room, and the image of the odd man from the office appeared in your mind. Sensing danger, you scanned the room hastily for anything you might use as a weapon in case he came at you again like yesterday. Your eyes quickly fell on a bright yellow iron on a pink ironing-board, and you quickly hurried over to it and picked it up with shaky hands. It wasn’t plugged in, so it wasn’t hot; but it was definitely heavy and the front of it looked sharp enough to do damage if necessary.
As you were examining it, you had failed to notice the sound of a door opening until a giggle sounded close to your ear. “Oh goodie, you’re awake~!”
Gasping in shock and gripping your iron in both hands, you turned around and held the iron out defensively behind your head, prepared to swing it forward if necessary to defend yourself.
For nearly a full minute, the man only stared at you, unmoving. You swallowed and looked him over. He really did remind you a lot of England. Even though you had only ever seen England from a distance before, they had the same untidy hair, the same recognizable eyebrows… maybe they were related or something? He was holding a tray of brightly decorated baked goods, which made your mouth water a little. Remembering what happened when he tossed powdered sugar in your face; however, you quickly decided not to trust any of the treats. You looked over his turquoise bow-tie and purple button-up shirt, covered by a striped pink-and-white vest which complimented his pink dress slacks and white dress shoes. You thought he must be a great interior decorator. Well, in any case, he certainly matched his house…
Looking back up at his frozen expression, you saw that his eyes were not vividly green, like you knew England’s to be, but a bright, sky blue. They were even kind of pretty. In comparison to his bow-tie, you supposed they also could be considered turquoise from a distance, although up close like this you were able to notice that his eyes were a little darker than his clothing…
You were snapped out of your train of thought as the England-look alike started his crazed giggling again, and you gripped the iron a bit more firmly in response. You normally saw the good in any situation, but that didn’t mean that you were unaware of danger when you saw it.
“Oh, miss!” Your abductor giggled, and you found yourself shuffling back a step, “Oh, miss miss miss… You are a guest in my house, no need to iron, oh no…”
He continued giggling at you, and you watched him awkwardly. You hated to label anyone as insane without first knowing more about them, but you found yourself unable to view this odd man as anything but mad. Taking a deep breath, you tried to think what to do about your situation.
“I’m warning you!” You tried to make yourself sound threatening, although you doubted you were doing it right when he only giggled harder, using his free hand to clutch at his stomach.
“Let me go! I have work to do, and I’m not afraid to use this!” You held up the iron a little higher, trying to make it clear that you wouldn’t put up with anything funny from him. You were worried about your boss, he was probably expecting you at work by now.
After swaying slightly and trying to catch his breath, those wide, bright eyes found your own again and a huge grin made it onto that face. “I only wanted to share a treat with my new pet, pet!”
Humming tunelessly, he pranced across the room to the bedside table, placing the tray down before picking up two sugar cookies in his hand. He twirled before plopping himself on his stomach on the bed so he was facing you and nibbling on one.
Relaxing slightly at this, thinking that maybe he didn’t mean you any harm, you relaxed your grip on the iron slightly, letting it hang by your side before asking, “Where am I?”
“In the guest room! Or did you think this was my room?!? Naughty girl!” He giggled as you blushed and frantically shook your head.
“No no! Um… Why am I here?”
“Oh~ So Naughty~!” He teased and you closed your eyes to fight the blush on your face. Deciding it was time to change the subject, you opened your eyes and stared determinedly at the giggling man. “Who are you?”
“Call me Oliver, poppet.” His voice almost sounded warm and inviting, although it was ruined by the babyish way he spoke.
“Oliver, then, do you work at the world conference building with me? Because I don’t remember seeing…”
“Nope!” He interrupted you happily, swinging his legs as he finished his first cookie. “My first time in the building, wouldn’t you know? I found you fast, and on the first try~ happy for you, happy for me!” He finished in a sing-song voice before taking a bite of his second cookie.
You eyed him strangely. “What brought you to the building? Are you maybe related to England, you kind of look like him…”
You shivered at the strange look he gave you when you said that. It seemed innocent enough, but there was a hint of something in his eyes that frightened you, although you weren’t quite sure what it was.
It was gone nearly as soon as it came; however, and he only giggled again and replied, “Silly silly, related? He wouldn’t like that, no he wouldn’t. What a good joke, what a terrible, wicked tale~!” His grin grew unnaturally wide and he appeared to be thinking over your words.
Swallowing, you started moving towards the door, hoping to get away from this odd man. As he saw you starting to move, Oliver watched you and his grin got impossibly bigger. “Now dearest, where are you going?”
You paused and swallowed audibly, “I need to get back to work.”
Tsking, Oliver stood and scooped up a cupcake in an exaggerated movement, skipping over to you and succeeding in blocking your way to the door. “You only just got here, poppet! What do you think you are doing, leaving so soon? You haven’t even tried my treats~ I made them for you!”
He got uncomfortably close to you, and you found yourself leaning away with wide eyes. “Try some, missy… try them _____!”
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]

Okay, finally got another chapter done! I know there's not a lot of Italy yet, but he'll be there later! :iconitaliaplz:

Sorry for the delay in updates, my mom has it in her mind that it's time to rearrange the entire house, so I've been overwhelmed. :iconimdeadplz:

For those of you who don't know, I've opened a survey about which story you all want to see updated the most. If you want to vote, please read my notes on the subject here: [link]

Thanks so much for your support, I'll try to get these stories updated asap. :iconyaysplz:
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