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July 5, 2013
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Sleeping Beauty
Chapter Three
Eyes widening at the use of your first name, you quickly brought the iron up in an attempt to hit the suspicious and potentially dangerous man. Realizing you were likely to do some real damage to the person in front of you, you squeezed your eyes shut and braced for the impact.
Except the iron never made contact with anything solid. Instead, your arm swung in a full circle from the force, causing you to lose your balance and fall backwards onto the floor.
Opening your eyes in shock at the unexpected turn of events, you saw that Oliver didn’t seem surprised at all at your actions. In fact, he was looking from you to the cupcake with a wide smile on his face. It was almost a curious smile, as though he was a child given his first pet toy to play fetch with his dog.
“Oh dearie me, oh lookie here~” You stared into his eyes as he began singing unexpectedly and eerily. “The treat’s gone and been horribly smeared!”
He turned the cupcake ninety degrees as he said this, and you saw that there was a definite mark from where the tip of the iron had brushed past the soft pastry, and that there was a noticeable chunk missing from the frosting.
“Oh me, now you see my dear~” He continued singing as though he was reciting some nursery rhyme, and you shuddered at the dangerous drop in his tone of voice. “You mustn’t be quite so severe.”
As he finished his rhyme, he pounced forward like a cat, pinning your arms over your head with one hand and pushing the cupcake right on your nose in one motion. He giggled as you struggled to get away, moving your face left and right to get away from the cupcake in your struggle, resulting in the bright frosting smearing over both your cheeks and cake crumbs falling into your hair and down your collar.
Finally, Oliver leapt up from where he was pinning you on the floor, leaving the cupcake in its spot on your face and dancing over to lean against the door casually. As soon as you regained your freedom, you spun quickly so you were on your hands and knees facing away from Oliver and began coughing and spitting in the hopes that doing so would prevent you from accidentally inhaling the loose crumbs. Breathing through your mouth, you turned to look at Oliver’s wide, wicked grin.
“Oh my miss _____, what a mess you’ve made. Now I’ll need to clean up, yes I will.” He said in a tone that made it sound as though it was the most enjoyable thing he could think of.
He opened the door and twirled out of the room, closing it behind him with a flourish. Shocked and trembling from the sudden attack, you moved into a kneeling position and clutched your arms in an attempt to control your shivering.
Oliver was most definitely a madman, and the type that you had always thought most dangerous: the unpredictable kind.
Just as your breathing was beginning to normalize, Oliver came in, whistling to himself and carrying a bucket and a vacuum. You stiffened as he walked your way, but he merely moved right past you and began vacuuming the crumbs from the carpet, behaving as though you weren’t even there. He didn’t even look up from his work as you shakily stood up and backed away to sit on the bed.
When he had vacuumed the carpet to his satisfaction, he finally stopped his whistling and turned to reach into the bucket. He turned to you, grinning and holding a dripping wet magenta washrag.
“Your turn, _____...” He said softly, moving towards where you were sitting as you instinctually tried to back away. He sat next to you on the bed, draping both his legs over your chest to prevent you from escaping as he gripped your chin gently but firmly with his free hand, beginning to wipe away the frosting mess on your face.
Trying to get rid of the uncomfortable awkwardness these actions left you with, but not wanting to risk making him angry, you stuttered: “H-h-how, did you know my n-name?”
Oliver giggled a little, pausing his cleaning to poke your nose, “It was on your desk, muffin!”
Blushing slightly, you could only say “Oh,” Wanting to keep him talking, thinking it might keep him calm, you continued, “Wh-what are you doing?”
Oliver’s grin only grew bigger, “Cleaning you up, you’ve made quite a mess now, I can’t let you stay looking like that!”
The way he spoke made you feel like you were being treated like a toddler, and you pouted, slightly offended. “No… I mean why did you take me? What am I doing here?”
Oliver only bit his lip, giving him the most normal expression you had seen on his face yet, although a slight smile still tugged at the corners of his mouth. He was silent as he finished cleaning you, making your stomach flutter and knot uncomfortably.
The grin finally returned to his face as he finished, tossing the rag over his shoulder and making it effortlessly into the bucket without looking. He cheerfully got off of you and brought an arm around the back of you, helping you sit back up as he said, “My my, always so serious love. Always curious, always so serious…”
You stiffened at his next words, catching their double-meaning. “We should speak of sweeter things, oh yes. It’s better we don’t think so nasty, don’t you agree?”
Hugging you randomly, he then stood and picked up his cleaning supplies, leaving you alone in the room with wide eyes and adrenaline coursing through your frightened heart. You now knew you were most definitely in danger here, and you weren't sure you could escape.
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]

More and more Oliver! :iconsweatplz:
Sorry Italy fans, but I can promise a lot more Italy next chapter, and in chapters to come! :iconyayitalyplz:
Anyway, thanks for reading and voting! Looks like this one's tied with my FrancexReaderx2!PItaly story now, so I'll probably write the next chapter for that one next. :iconyayfranceplz:
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