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July 7, 2013
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Sleeping Beauty
Chapter Four
Back at the world conference building, all the nations were in absolute uproar.
“What happened dudes, I heard a scream!” Yelled an American voice.
“Ve~ Is everybody alright!?” Cried an Italian one.
“Somebody fix the lights, da?” A Russian accent called calmly above the chaos.
“I’ve almost got it.” Grunted the German from the hallway outside the conference room. A few moments later, there was a flicker and the lights were back on at full strength.
“It’s about bloody time.” England sighed with exasperation, only to join the other countries in a collective gasp.
Italy was the first to panic; “Where are the girls, Germany? Where’s (Italian secretary’s name)?”
“DON’T ASK ME WHAT HAPPENED, IT WAS COMPLETELY DARK!” Germany responded somewhat defensively.
“(English secretary’s name)? (Esn), where did you run to love?”
“(Japanese secretary’s name)-san?!?”
“Dudes, let’s calm down.” America’s voice sounded nervous in spite of his words. “They probably just… headed to their offices. I mean most of them get more sunlight than this room, right?”
“Aiyah, that does not sound like (Chinese secretary’s name) aru!” came China’s anxious voice as he left the room to check.
“Perhaps they were just scared of the darkness, da?” Russia stated in his usual calm, happy manner. “I know people are liking to run or hide when things frighten them.”
“NON!” Cried France, bursting through the doors of the meeting room. “(French secretary’s name) is not working at her desk! I cannot find her!”
“When did you even leave the conference room dude?”
“YELLING HELPS NO ONE ARU!” A very stressed looking China re-entered the room and joined the argument.
“QUIET!” Germany called commandingly, and the nations all turned to look his direction. “We need to start a search, Russia, France check downstairs.”
“DON’T INTERRUPT. England and China, search upstairs. Japan and I will look-“
“I SAID DON’T INTERRUPT ME ITALY! Japan and I will look for clues on this floor, and Italy, YOU can search the perimeter with Amer…”
“Ve~ but Germany, what’s-a THIS?” Italy hurriedly cried, picking up a piece of paper sitting near a previously un-opened window.
All the nations grew silent as Germany moved to take the paper from Italy, who was looking it over with a scared expression on his face. Germany grabbed it out of the Italian’s grasp before he had finished reading it, causing the Italian to stretch on the balls of his feet to read over Germany’s shoulder.
The farther Germany read, the more outraged his expression became. Finally, he cleared his throat and read the contents of the letter aloud.
“To Our Others;
You thought that you had won when your England sealed our dimension. How sweet! You are almost as funny as you are na´ve, there are two sides to any magic~
We made it out, and we made a deal! We are going to make your lives even more miserable than you tried to make ours~
Person by person, city by city… watch as we take out everything you love until OUR world is more appealing to you than your own~
Don’t let your guard down now! The message is only the beginning! When you next see these lovely ladies, you should know even better –exactly- how bad things are going to get~
Cheeri~o Fellow Nations!”
At hearing the end of the letter, all eyes involuntarily glanced at England’s white face before the noise broke out.
“GERMANY! (Italian secretary’s name)’s in danger!” Italy cried.
“Not just her dude, (American secretary's name) is in trouble too! Time to be Heroes!” America finished determinedly.
“Is that all you can think of?!?” France fell dramatically into a chair. “My beautiful (French secretary’s name)… I should’ve known the black sheep’s magic was as weak as his charm…”
“SHUT UP!!!!” England’s face had gone from chalky to beet-red in a heartbeat at that.
“Everyone please calm down.” Japan’s voice interjected calmly and urgently. “They could not have gotten far, we must act quickly before it is too late!”
“He’s right, if we panic people will be hurting, da?” Russia’s aura was back stronger than ever, causing a few of the nations to unconsciously take a step back.
“We should split up to cover more ground aru!” China added. “We can prevent more if we cover more area aru!”
“Right.” Germany pulled a map of the area from the wall and set it on the table. “The most likely areas our… dark selves would travel from here…”
“Mine would travel where there is snow, da?”
“Mine would totally head for the city, bro!”
“Ve~ Germany, where would mine try to go?”
“QUIET.” Germany commanded.
“May I?” Japan took a pen from the tabletop and began circling areas of the map. When he was finished, his eyes scanned the map from top to bottom once more before setting down the pen and pointing out his ideas.
“I do not think we can know exactly where they would go, too many of them have unpredictable behavior.” He pointed to each circled portion of the map as he continued. “But I think we would likely cover the most area if we divided our search like this.”
All the nations leaned closer to look at the search areas. The map was well divided based on terrain and population, and parts of every section seemed like very plausible areas to look for their second player selves.
“Way to go, Japan dude! This is great!” America laughed as the other nations sighed at his behavior.
Germany picked up Japan’s discarded pen. “Alright, let’s designate areas quickly! We do not want to waste any more time here!”
He paused to look over the various regions. “England, there are places that can only be reached by traveling by ship down here.” He gestured to the south-westernmost region of the map. “Can we trust you to take care of that area?”
“Of course, piece of cake for a former pirate such as myself!” England boasted, moving to gather his things while Germany wrote his name in his area.
“This area here,” Germany pointed south of their current location, “Is a more peaceful region of the world, they will not like any trouble…”
“Let me cover it aru! I can move quickly and organize people to evacuate quickly if there is trouble!” China cut in, heading out the door with England right on his heels.
“Moving on then…” Germany continued, marking the map again and moving to the next area, with a deeply concentrated expression. “East of here is close to your place, Russia.”
“Da, I can search there.” Russia said cheerfully, already heading for the door. “I can think of many places to look others might miss. It is easy to lose someone in that region.”
Germany only nodded as Russia left the room, quickly marking the map.
“Dude, tell me where I should look! I totally need to hurry if I’m going to catch the villains!” America interrupted loudly, causing Germany’s eye to twitch slightly in annoyance.
“Right, why don’t you check this area up here.” He gestured to the northernmost region of the map irritably, writing America’s name over it before he would have any thought of complaining.
“Sure thing dude!” America left the room speedily, laughing loudly all the way down the hall.
Sighing in irritation, Germany then double checked to see who was left. “France.”
“I think you should search in this north-west area. It’s not a large area, but it is highly populated… Do you think you can handle it?”
“Oui, I know I can.” France stood with a flourish and followed after the other Allies as he headed out to his assigned area.
“And so that just leaves the three of us.” Germany said, turning to the map and concentrating hard. Italy watched him curiously, shaking a little in worry; whereas Japan moved to stand nearer Germany, looking over the remaining regions of the map.
Finally, Germany sighed. “Right, I think Italy should search this area around the conference building…”
“Excuse me, Germany, but if it is alright with you, I would like to search that area.” Japan interjected calmly, and Germany looked up at him in mild surprise.
“I see. Do you have any particular reason for that, Japan?”
“Hai. The area is not as populated; however, I believe many of the abandoned residential zones and old historical buildings might serve as desirable hiding places. It would be easy to overlook important clues regarding whether someone might be hiding in an area in the rush to cover all of the region quickly. I would prefer to handle searching these places myself.” Japan explained simply, bowing slightly to Germany as he finished.
After a moments’ pause and consideration, Germany nodded in agreement. “I see your point. Very well, you search here Japan, and… In that case, Italy had better search this western part.” Germany gestured to Italy and made sure he knew where Germany was referring to.
“Ve… Wait Germany! Where will you look then?” Italy turned back to Germany, who was already rising to leave.
“My area will be the in the North-East. It’s a highly mountainous region, and I believe it would be too harsh for just anybody else to attempt navigating. Still, it’s a perfect place for someone to escape to or hide.” Germany replied.
Italy waved his arms frantically at this.“But that’s-a so far away from where I’m going! What if I get in trouble or find-a somebody and need help! Germany-“
“ITALY STOP COMPLAINING!” Germany barked out angrily, already heading down the hall determinedly with the Italian hot on his heels. “We are all worried about the people who were taken, ja? Do you not want to help (Italian secretary’s name)? Do you think I do not want to help (German secretary’s name), if there’s any chance I can!”
He paused briefly to face Italy, who looked ready to cry, and continued more calmly; “Italy, we all need to do what we can to get them back. Can I count on you?”
Sniffling, Italy managed to clumsily salute Germany. Germany nodded in response and headed out the doors, leaving Italy behind.
~Italy’s POV~
Italy stood in the hall for a bit longer, trying to gather his resolve. Everything happening was just so scary. He remembered the last time his horrible look-alike self had been in this world, and the thought of seeing him again still made him tremble. He did not want to face him. He did not want to face any of them! They were horrible and did the cruelest things without a second thought. He still remembered the close call he had had last time. If Germany hadn’t been there…
He shook his head and clenched his fists. No, he couldn’t think like that. He needed to be strong now. It wasn’t only him or another country in danger. (Italian secretary’s name) was in danger. (Japanese secretary’s name), (German secretary’s name)… they were all in danger. Even the ones who had been in their offices, the ones who hadn’t come to the meeting, they were all taken.
“No, I can’t let a bella ragazza get hurt! I need to help, I need to try!” Italy pep-talked to himself, taking a deep breath and heading out the doors Germany had exited through not long ago. He hurried to his car, not letting himself think too much about how scary it was sure to be. Only thinking about all the secretaries who were missing, and who now needed his help.
(Italian secretary’s name).
(German secretary’s name).
(Japanese secretary’s name).
(American secretary’s name).
(English secretary’s name).
(French secretary’s name).
(Chinese secretary’s name).
All beautiful girls in trouble.
Chapter 1:
Chapter 5:

Well, I was wrong. Sorry France fans, looks like this stories' still at the top of the voting polls. :iconsadfranceplz:

This was fun to write. Although it does feel a bit cheaty, to be sure. For those of you who have read chapter 3 of my EnglandxReaderx2PChina, most of this will seem very familiar since it was copied from there. Just scroll down towards the end of the chapter where I made the changes if you don't want to read it all. :icondontkillmeplz:

Anyway, here's where Italy starts taking the stage a little bit! Sorry 2P England fans, and a very merry unbirthday to you Italy fans. :iconitalysaluteplz:

As always, thanks so much for reading. :iconheelclickplz:
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