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June 24, 2013
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You were that fortunate, lucky girl every Hetalia fan covets.
You had grown very close to a few nations in particular very quickly.
You had taken some time talking with England… later chatted with Italy… joined America in playing two rounds or DDR along with Poland and Denmark… and got caught in an intense game of Poker with Prussia and Spain.
You needed to pee.
“ If I let you leave, somebody would be left out of the game and that just wouldn't be fair to him y'no?”
“Go on, grab something!”

Taking your hand out of the bag, you found yourself holding… a bottle of salad dressing.
You were confused, but figured it would be better to get this over with than to puzzle over it for too long, so you hurried up out of your seat and into the closet.
Letting out a sigh of agitation, you closed your eyes and prayed that of all the people you ended up with, it would not be the sweet, innocent, na´ve…
“Ciao bella! That’s-a mine!”

Of course.
You turned around to see the door close behind the adorable, lovable Italy, and fought the urge to cry. Of all people to be potentially mortified in front of, it would be the friendliest, most lovable person of them all.
Pushing back your panicky dread, you returned the smile. “Ciao, Italy.”
As a precaution, you sank on your knees on the floor, causing Italy to smile even cuter and kneel on the floor facing you. “So you-a don’t like this game bella?”
“Not… particularly…” You looked away, he looked so attractive in the dark lighting of the closet and you were sure you were positively sweating from stress right now. What must he think of you?
“Ve~ You’re eyes look-a like they are glowing, bella! How do you do-a that?”
Startled, you returned your gaze to his and lightly laughed out of nervousness. “I’m not sure. Don’t everybody’s eyes glow sometimes?” You’re voice almost cracked on the last syllable and you hurriedly looked away.
You both sat in silence for a minute longer, Italy in comfortable silence, watching you; and you in very uncomfortable silence, trying to hide your discomfort.
“Bella…” Italy said slowly and more quietly than you would’ve expected from him, and you swore you would’ve blushed under different circumstances. “Do you-a want to play this game?”
“I, aha…” You fidgeted uncomfortably. “Italy, do you know what kind of game it is…?”
Turning to look into his eyes, your own widened to find them fully open and shining gorgeously. “Ve~ I know how to play bella. It is not my first game of 7 minutes in heaven, brother France expecially likes to play games like this...”
He kept staring, and you couldn’t look away. You swallowed thickly, and braced yourself with clenched fists. “I…”
The words died in your throat, and you finally looked down at your lap, closing your eyes and opening your mouth to reply again. “I… don’t think this is a good time f-for a game like this…”
You heard a sigh and looked up to see a heartbreaking expression on Italy’s face. It wasn’t particularly upset, or tearful, but the way he looked off to the side, away from you, with the corners of his mouth drooping like that…
“B-but!” You found yourself backtracking hurriedly, trying to come up with something to say to bring back that smile, that cheerful, carefree spirit. “Having to- to play this game, ughm.” You swallowed hard and played with your fingers. “I’m really glad… glad that I got… you.”
You got quieter and quieter as you finished up your sentence, biting your lip at your own stupid answer. You had basically just confessed to your crush! You blamed the full bladder, stupid, stupid…
You heard a slightly relieved, warm voice respond to you. “I’m-a really glad I got you too, bella!”
You looked up to look at Italy’s eyes now, and couldn’t help but giggle a little.
“Ve~ What’s-a so funny?”
“I think your eyes are glowing now, Italy.” You said, staring at them. It was an incredible thing to see, how the amber orbs took on their own light and warmth, like sunshine to the soul.
You were as glad as you were disappointed to have the closet door open behind Italy, causing both your eyes to squint from the brightness and Italy to keep his shut. At least it stopped your cheesy mind-ramblings and offered you an escape from impending doom.
“Excuse me!” You said to no-one in particular as you hurried down the hallway and towards the front door.
“Bella, where are you-a going?” You heard Italy’s footsteps behind you, and it scared you to think he might stop you from your goal.
To your relief, you saw an open door leading to a bathroom on your left, and bolted in before Italy could catch up with you. You hastily locked it and was doing your business in less than half a second.
You heard knocking on the door. “Ve~ Bella! Are you angry? Are you-a sad because I didn’t want to make-a you sad and if I did I’m so sorry!” He continued rambling as you washed your hands, his words getting faster and more desperate with everything he said. "I just was so happy because you said you were-a happy…”
Opening the door, you quickly hugged the Italian and giggled. “I’m not mad Italy.”
You heard Italy sigh in relief after you said that, returning your hug and talking into your hair.
“I’m glad bella…”
After holding you for a minute, the Italian started talking at rapid-speed again. “So does this mean we can-a make some pasta tonight? And tomorrow? Ve! Maybe you can sleep over and we can wake up real early and make pasta and pizza… and you can try that Italian dressing, straight from Italy! If you like…”
You started giggling again, looking up at him with a very happy expression. “Sounds like a plan, Italy.”
Intro: [link]

My second 7 minutes choice uploaded! :iconyattaplz:

I didn't expect it to be finished so quickly, but once I started writing it was like I couldn't stop! :iconiamawesomeplz:

Actually, it probably means I'm just too tired to tell how bad it is... :iconflailplz: :iconsulkplz:

Anyway, let me know what you think! And thanks for reading! :iconbowplz:
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